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POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen

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POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen


In 2012 AzerMDS celebrated its second anniversary. 20 years ago this organization was founded by initiative of citizens with the aim of developing our medical education and public health. During that time, Medical Students' Association (AzerMDS) was one of the first youth organizations which was established to take part in the formation of youth political thought of independent  Azerbaijan. Initial activities of AzerMDS were  to represent our country in the International Youth Forums. As a result, AzerMDS and its members took an active part in the formation of international connections. 

In 1995 it was one of the founders of the National Committee of Youth Organizations and held responsibility for its international relations. As a result of its successful participation at the European Youth Forum, Azerbaijan was accepted to the European Committee, and to the European Youth Forum itself. 

Moreover, in the year 1992 our organization established its public fight against AIDS for the first time. TV channel "215 KL'' presented an anti-AIDS provocative campaign. In addition, AzerMDS achieved its goal in teaching reproductive health lessons in schools. Members of AzerMDS carried out health educative campaigns at refugee camps. Though it was difficult to carry out, AzerMDS organized the first student exchange program within IFMSA (The International Federation of Medical Students Associations). Initiative to gain knowledge was one of the key targets of AzerMDS. It also organized a library consisting of second-hand books from abroad.  

Due to some problems at the time, AzerMDS paused its activity for a while and then restored it again the year 2005. The organization began its new line of activities under a new and different environment as AzerMDS (Azerbaijan Medical Doctors and Students). At this time there were already good conditions in Azerbaijan for the function of social organizations. With support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, IFMSA exchange program was re-established and started to perform on a continuous basis. This international exchange program, which existed from 1951 until nowadays, has given chance to more than 600 Azerbaijani students to see new medical experiences.

Today the main target of AzerMDS is to support our country in public formation of knowledge-based health system. For this reason, many projects were carried out in order to support medical students and young doctors in accomplishing a better understanding of modern medicine. The projects are open to anyone who wants to benefit from them. 

You can be confident that AzerMDS's mission is to support your enthusiasm and initiative.

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