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POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen

World AIDS Awareness Day Flashmob

POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen

The history of AzerMDS

110 national organization from 108 countries are fully-fledged members of this federation and representing nearly 1,2 million medical students worldwide. IFMSA is organizing exchange of thousands of medical students per year. Our incoming representation starting from 2005 year became constant due to the enthusiasm of AzerMDS members and support of Ministry of Youth and Sport. Now Azerbaijan became a constant member of international medical students’ movement started from 1951. From 2007 to present day, more than 600 students participated in different exchange programs of AzerMDS.

We were functioning in IFMSA as a candidate member in 2005-2006 years. Since 2007 we are fully fledged member of this federation. In 2007 the union of “Azerbaijani doctors and medical students” was registered as non-governmental organization of Azerbaijani Republic.

Now 6 committees are actively operating in AzerMDS: