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POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen

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POL Seminar Problemorientertes Lernen

AzerMDS Academy

"AzerMDS Academy" offers trainings and seminars to medical students and young doctors, devoted to medical themes on the range of their interest and based on modern learning methods. The current training program of the academy covers the topics, which are similar to the exam programs of the young people who started or are planning to start their Approbation exams (the status which gives the right to work as a doctor in Germany).

One of the first seminars of the academy was held on the 4th and 5th of  November  by CEL Clinic’s director of Radiology department Prof. Fink. The seminar is held in the style of POL-(Problemorientiertes Lernen).The working language of the seminar is German. The purpose is to develop not only medical knowledge but also German medical language. The 2 students of this seminar who showed the best results took a chance to have a 1-month practice in Germany next year and the other 5 competitors got a German medical textbook.

The academy is planning to organize different seminars and trainings in Baku and Germany next year.