IFMSA-Azerbaijan (AzerMDS) welcomes you in the Land of Fire!

Many students from all around the world have already visited Azerbaijan and experienced the Exchange Programs of AzerMDS. You could either go on a professional exchange or on a research Exchange in Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan.

Are you interested in going on exchange to Azerbaijan? We are happy to welcome you in the Land of Fire. You can contact to your national organization. They will check if there is an exchange contract with AzerMDS. Otherwise, your national organization can contact to us and we can evaluate the possibility of exchange.

AzerMDS organize Research Exchanges within IFMSA Exchange Programs. The Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) was founded in 1951 and is one of the first standing committees within IFMSA. It started small, beginning with only 8 European countries, but since then has grown into one of the largest student-run exchange programs in the world, with around 13.000 medical students participating every year from more than 100 National Member Organizations. The SCOPE exchange program is a quality educational and cultural experience organized entirely by medical students with the help of their medical faculties.

For more information about the exchange conditions of AzerMDS: